About us

Elebe - The Company

Elebe e.U. was founded in 2011 by the Spanish Estefanía López Ballbé and the Federal Ministry for Social Security and Generations by Regulation BGBL II No. 409/2002 officially recognized as an Institute for adult education in the sense of § 1, paragraph 2 of the Federal Act.


"The language connects!" Under this motto our 10-member international team puts this proverb into action and convey not only the Spanish language, but also the way of life, culture, the atmosphere and the loving peculiarities of Spanish and Latin American world.

Through the years it has been shown that language learning has become an important aspect of intercultural work, travel and broadening the range of business. Spanish is the language of 22 countries with a total of over 400 million native speakers.

Especially in the selection of our highly competent and trained teachers from various regions from Spain and Latin America who transmit you the diversity of dialects and cultures.

Our customers can experience all of this with us and at the same time their individual requirements and needs are taken care of.

It is simply more than Spanish, mucho más que español.