My name is Neus and I am from a city near Barcelona. I have always been very interested in intercultural issues. For this reason, I studied a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. After having done an ERASMUS in Italy, an Au Pair in Ireland and having studied German in the beautiful city of Vienna, where I currently live, I also realised that I love learning languages. After my long experience as a language learner I thought that working as a foreign language teacher would suit me very well. And… What better language than Spanish? That’s why I studied for a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (at the International University of La Rioja).

In my classes I find it very important not only to teach grammar and Spanish vocabulary but also to take into account the teaching of the target culture. In this way the learners can understand and become part of the Spanish culture in a deeper and more enriching way. In addition, in the classroom I try to create a relaxed atmosphere in which learning can take place in a didactic and fun way – the students are always the protagonists!

My strengths are reflected in my continuous interest and motivation regarding the teaching-learning process of the Spanish language and in my ability to empathise with the students.

A phrase I love: “Teaching is an act of affection: when teachers care about their students, they care about learning” (Foncubierta, Rodríguez, 2016).