Hello! I am Carmen and I was born in Madrid. Do you know that those born in Madrid with father and mother grandparents and grandmothers also born in Madrid are called “cats”? Well, I am not a genuine cat because my family comes mainly from Andalusia and Murcia but I grew up and studied in this city and I really like it.

I have been teaching Spanish for twelve years and have experience with people of different ages and levels. Not only am I a Spanish teacher, I am also a Physics teacher and other subjects. My students say that I move a lot in class and that I am creative, but I love putting my body and soul in what I do and I cannot be still. Since I was a child I wanted to learn languages ​​and I found the methods with which it was not possible to advance in all fields of communication to be a bit boring. Also sharing knowledge seems great to me. These are the reasons why it was clear to her that she wanted to be a teacher. It is very rewarding to see the progress of students when you put all your energy into it.

Carmen Arenas

I love the phrase “I am still learning” because it is what I like, it is true and every day it comes true.