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Have you just moved and find the language confusing? Do you need to become more familiar with it? Do not panic! Learn with the elebe method

All the material and training we offer is completely adapted to your needs. You will improve your knowledge of the language and you will be able to navigate situations like a fish in water.


If you have just arrived and do not know where to start in order to communicate correctly…

See you soon 🙂

You are leaving but would like to remember everything you have learned? Would you like to perfect your language skills so they do not become rusty?


German C1

German course C1 in Vienna for very advanced learners Do you want to learn German in Vienna with…


online Spanish for the Bildungskarenz

Intensive online Spanish courses for the Bildungskarenz in Austria Distance learning without classroom instruction! The elebe online courses…


Gift card

Give a discount coupon in elebe to your friends or family for that special occasion….


online Spanish

e-Learning: Online Spanish learning with trainer support Classic e-learning, but just better, namely supervised! Independent online learning, with…

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