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Learning in order to teach may seem simple but it isn´t always easy… what if you have yet to find a way to teach? Learn how to teach using the elebe method!

Knowing a language is not the same as knowing how to teach it. We will guide you on your path and will give you all necessary tips for you to become a good Spanish teacher.

Discover the benefits of learning how to teach at elebe!

  • Because we never stop learning! Two in one: improve your Spanish level and learn how to teach.
  • Practical! Spanish teachers with a lot of experience share ideas and you can use them in your classroom.
  • We offer flexible and individualized content for every group: you might prefer to work on typical errors or typical topics such as the subjunctive, “ser” and “estar”… Everything is possible!


English C1.2

Starting in January 2021: Intensive Spanish course C1.2 subsidised by the AMS At level C1 you can understand…


Spanish B2.2

blended Learning Spanish course B2.2 Advanced level Spanish with your expert Spanish language institute. Knowledge of Spanish required,…


Spanisch C1.2

Intensive Spanish course C1.2 in Vienna Spanish for advanced students, the target is level C1 according to the…


online Spanish for the Bildungskarenz

Intensive online Spanish courses for the Bildungskarenz in Austria Distance learning without classroom instruction! The elebe online courses…


Spanish C1

Advanced Spanish Course C1 in Vienna Requirements: Spanish B2 completed This course is offered in blended learning mode….


Gift card

Gift experiences in Spanish with elebe’s voucher Surprise a special person with a discount coupon for Spanish experiences…


online Spanish

e-Learning: Online Spanish learning with trainer support No face-to-face classes required – Start possible at any time Classic…

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