Spanish Semester Course for Advanced Level B2.2 in Vienna

Learn to understand complex texts and expand your vocabulary.

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    Spanish Semester Courses Level B2.2 in Vienna or online

    You are already approaching the highest level of Spanish! You are fluent in Spanish and we will help you improve your Spanish skills – with a lot of fun and our native-speaking teachers.

    Our courses are based on the content of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This B2 advanced course will help you to clarify your questions at the highest level and deepen your language skills. We deal with complex texts and expand vocabulary and grammar in a dynamic and fun way. At this level you can already understand long speeches or detailed texts on many topics; as well as communicate spontaneously and fluently and hold a normal conversation.

    Our courses have a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 8. We focus on quality. Payment is therefore only due once the minimum number of participants has been reached and the course confirmed. Please choose the payment method “by bank transfer” when registering.

    We learn with a modern and motivating book projected by the teacher on the digital whiteboard, both online and face-to-face, combined with traditional and fun games. Modern meets traditional. The book is charged separately.

    Modality: online or face-to-face course in Vienna

    This Spanish course B2.2 is available in two modalities: either online with teacher or in face-to-face form in Vienna. Simply choose the course you wish when registering!

    • Im Onlinekurs mit Lehrerin findet die Kommunikation über unsere eigene Lernplattform statt, auf der wir Links und zusätzliche Aktivitäten austauschen, wo wir Zugang zu virtuellen Räumen, Chats, Foren usw. haben.
      • From 11 March 2024 to 24 June 2024
        Teacher: Claudia
    • The face-to-face courses take place in our beautiful and cosy premises in the 9th district, where our participants can enjoy the best of the best equipment, such as digital whiteboards.
      • B2.1
        Wednesday from 9:30-11:20 am
        From 13 March 2024 to 26 June 2024 Teacher: Irene
      • B2.2
        Thursday from 17:30-19:20
        From 14 March 2024 to 4 July 2024 Teacher: Silvia
        Modality: online with teacher via our platform


    Funded:   If you have Vienna as your main residence, you could benefit from der WAFF funding. elebe has in fact been certified by Wien-cert. You can find out more, before the course starts:

    Teacher: Irene  und Silvia (face-to-face course), Claudia (online courses)

    Anforderungen: Vorkenntnisse der spanischen Sprache auf B2.1-Stufe.

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