elebe´s courses at a glance


The amazing one: for people who don’t want to forget their Spanish or another foreign language

In all our courses we always speak, and a lot, that’s for sure. They are all communicative. What stands out in this type of Conversation is that we don’t learn from a book.
Every week we practise something different which we have carefully prepared.
Another difference is that the groups are smaller, maximum four people! So you’d better hurry if you want to secure a place.
And last but not least, the lessons take only an hour, but you get much more out of them, because we give you a small, motivating and fun homework assignment before the lesson and, on a voluntary basis, another one to correct after that.


The classic course: the classroom course

These take place in the elebe classrooms, on a fixed day every week, in groups.

Online with teacher

The modern course: with a teacher in a virtual classroom

It is like the face-to-face course but via video conference. We will show you how it works!


The mixed course: sometimes online, sometimes face-to-face; the group decides

The course takes place every week at the same time, for example, on Tuesdays at 5pm. The difference with the face-to-face courses or the pure courses by videoconference is that, in this modality, the group decides if they are in the language school or by zoom.

The advantage of this combination of face-to-face and videoconference courses is that students do not miss any classes.

If, for example, the teacher is in Spain the class will be given online, or if anyone on the course is too sick to go out but is well enough to attend class. The group agrees in advance with the teacher.

Blended learning

The complete course: mixed course (partly online and partly in the classroom)

face-to-face course (or in your company or via video conferencing) + E-Learning in online platform

A combination of classroom (or online virtual or in your company) course and supervised e-learning.
These course has just four lessons per month, instead more self-learning through a learning platform, where a teacher corrects the assignments and gives feedback. The perfect course for people who are very busy and cannot come to the course every week. Of course, each group can decide how many lessons per month they want to have with a teacher. After all, it only costs €10 per additional teaching unit.

The price is the same as the face-to-face or online course of 28 units: 280 euros for about 4 months, which is the duration of the semester course.


The freest course: E-Learning: tutored online course

Whenever and wherever you want learning Spanish, 100% online.

It is not necessary to attend classes, either in person or online thanks to a high-quality platform with varied online exercises and many audio tasks and oral interaction with other learners in the course.

Native teachers from Spain or Latin America will correct your exercises and provide feedback.

Extra activiy

Enjoy elebe! On our culinary Spanish afternoons we not only learn Spanish, but we also cook tapas or paella and have a great time… of course in Spanish.
Or would you rather play? Card or board games; or with the digital blackboard.
This offer is valid for adults in the afternoon and for schools in the morning.