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If, like us, you are dying to get to know other cultures… and one of your hobbies is learning everything about them… We are right there with you!

Learn with very up to date, dynamic and varied material… polls, videos, interactive excercises, songs, forums, glossaries, google docs, wikis…


Are you going to travel and wish to be able to communicate in Spanish without any problems?


Would you like to communicate better with a loved one but need to improve your language skills?

A passion for languages

If you find you want to learn even more about a culture the more you know about it… Take one more step toward understanding it and its language!


Hablar por hablar – Spanische Konversation online

Online-Konversation auf Spanisch, mindestens drei Teilnehmer

➢ Vor jeder Lektion trainierst du auf interaktive und unterhaltsame Weise dein Lese- und Hörverständnis.

➢ Du bekommst Zugang zu allen Vorbereitungsmaterialien, damit du entscheiden kannst, ob dir das Thema interessiert.

➢ Du kannst vier Stunden wählen, ohne dir Gedanken über deinen Stundenplan machen zu müssen.

➢ Du kannst intensiv das Sprechen und Schreiben üben, also die Teile des Lernens, die immer am schwierigsten sind.

➢ Du kannst zu den vier Stunden, die du gewählt hast, weitere Stunden zu einem Sonderpreis hinzufügen.

➢ Deine Teilnahme ist nur monatlich verbindlich….


Spanish for Gastronomy, Hotels and Tourism

This course can be subsidised by the AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich) at 100% of the costs, so the course can be free of charge for students. Whether you are active in the labour market or looking for a job, find out about a subsidy at the WAFF….


Spanish Semester Course A1.1 in Vienna

Spanish Course for Beginners in Vienna – May 2022

Now is the time to learn Spanish. Preferably at central language school elebe. A Spanish course in a small group in Vienna. For people with no previous knowledge….


AMS – Spanish Intensive Course A1

Intensive A1 Spanish course for beginners, subsidised according to the criteria of the AMS and WAFF, for groups of three or more people.

This course can be supported by the AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich) at 100% of the costs, so the course can be free of charge for students. Whether you are active in the labour market or looking for a job, find out about a subsidy at the WAFF.



Spanish conversation

Let yourself be surprised by this online Spanish conversation course with the elebe method. One hour of conversation multiplied by three. With activities before, during and after the class coordinated through our learning platform. And, of course, with trained teachers from Spain and Latin America….


Spanish A1.2 in Vienna

Spanish course for people with some previous knowledge From lesson 5 of the book Aula Internacional Plus A1…


Spanish Intensive Course A1-A2

Subsidised Spanish course with A1 certificate

Are you unemployed in Austria? Then the AMS may be able to subsidise this intensive Spanish course in Vienna. This course could be gratis for you!…


AMS – Spanish Intensive Courses A1 to C1 in Vienna

Intensive Spanish Courses – All Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

AMS funded Spanish courses in Vienna

Intensive qualitative courses in small groups. If you are unemployed, talk to your advisor to apply for this intensive Spanish course in Vienna, 5 or 8 weeks, with a course book and rapid progression.
We like to learn by living the language….


Spanish course for young people

Spanish classes in Vienna for youths

At high school you learn Spanish, but often the pressure of exams, too much grammar or simply the lack of time in class makes students bored. Motivation is essential for all ages but especially for the teenagers. For this reason, we offer Spanish courses in Vienna suitable for young people, where learning Spanish, having fun and passing go hand in hand. ¡Vamos!…


Spanish C1

Advanced online Spanish Course C1 This course is offered in blended learning mode. This means access to an…


Serie 1 from elebe – S1

Learn Spanish online with series Our first serie is an intriguing and at the same time historical serie…


Gift card

Gift experiences in Spanish with elebe’s voucher Surprise a special person with a discount coupon for Spanish experiences…


online Spanish

e-Learning: Online Spanish learning with trainer support No face-to-face classes required – Start possible at any time Classic…

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