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If, like us, you are dying to get to know other cultures… and one of your hobbies is learning everything about them… We are right there with you!

Learn with very up to date, dynamic and varied material… polls, videos, interactive excercises, songs, forums, glossaries, google docs, wikis…


Are you going to travel and wish to be able to communicate in Spanish without any problems?


Would you like to communicate better with a loved one but need to improve your language skills?

A passion for languages

If you find you want to learn even more about a culture the more you know about it… Take one more step toward understanding it and its language!


Spanish A1 for youths

Spanish course for beginners level A1 Ideal for young people who have already learnt the A1 level but…


Refresher Course – Spanish A1.2

In this Spanish course for beginners you will refresh your knowledge at level A1 and prepare yourself for the next level. This course can be taken as a classroom course in Vienna or as an online course live with a teacher….


English B2.1

Upper Intermediate English B2.1 in Vienna English with a native English teacher in the modern facilities of elebe…


online Spanish for the Bildungskarenz

Intensive online Spanish courses for the Bildungskarenz in Austria Distance learning without classroom instruction! The elebe online courses…


Spanish A1.1

Spanish course for people with no previous knowledge Here begins your adventure into the Spanish world… with elebe,…


Spanish C1

Advanced Spanish Course C1 Requirements: Spanish B2 completed This course is offered in blended learning mode. This means…


Spanish B2.2

Semester Spanish course B2.2 For people who have studied up to level B2.1. The semester courses are designed…


Spanish B2.1

Advanced Spanish Course B2.1 Requirements: Spanish B1 completed This course is offered in the modalities classroom, mixed and…


Spanish B1.2

Spanish Semester course B1.2 Requirements: Knowledge of Spanish at language level B1.1 This course is offered in the…


Spanish B1.1

Intermediate Spanish course B1.1 Requirements: Spanish A2 completed This semester course is offered in the modalities classroom, mixed…


Spanish A2.2

Spanish for beginners A2.2 This course is offered in the modalities classroom, mixed and online with teacher. It…


Spanish A2.1

Spanish Semester course for beginners Requirements: Spanish A1 completed This course is offered in the modalities classroom, mixed…


Spanish A1.2

Semester Spanish course for beginners with some previous knowledge This course is offered in the modalities classroom, mixed…


Semi-intensive Spanish courses

Semi-intensive Spanish courses provide a quick introduction to the language. They are also suitable for refreshing knowledge or…


Serie 1 de elebe – T1

Nuestra primera serie es una serie de intriga y al mismo tiempo histórica ambientada en la España de…


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Give a discount coupon in elebe to your friends or family for that special occasion….


online Spanish

e-Learning: Online Spanish learning with trainer support Classic e-learning, but just better, namely supervised! Independent online learning, with…

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