The amazing one: for people who don’t want to forget their Spanish or another foreign language

In all our courses we always speak, and a lot, that’s for sure. They are all communicative. What stands out in this type of Conversation is that we don’t learn from a book.
Every week we practise something different which we have carefully prepared.
Another difference is that the groups are smaller, maximum four people! So you’d better hurry if you want to secure a place.
And last but not least, the lessons take only an hour, but you get much more out of them, because we give you a small, motivating and fun homework assignment before the lesson and, on a voluntary basis, another one to correct after that.


onlineSpanish conversation

Let yourself be surprised by this online Spanish conversation course with the elebe method. One hour of conversation multiplied by three. With activities before, during and after the class coordinated through our learning platform. And, of course, with trained teachers from Spain and Latin America….