Extra activiy

Enjoy elebe! On our culinary Spanish afternoons we not only learn Spanish, but we also cook tapas or paella and have a great time… of course in Spanish.
Or would you rather play? Card or board games; or with the digital blackboard.
This offer is valid for adults in the afternoon and for schools in the morning.


Cooking tapas + learning Spanish = fun

enjoy elebe in Vienna, mehr als Spanisch

At elebe we think that learning a language is much more than just the language, it is living it, and for that, there is nothing better than a kitchen. Here you can practice Spanish, learn traditional cuisine, not professional but grandma’s, and eat and drink and have a good time… naturally in Spanish.
Don’t know Spanish? No problem, come and feel as if you were in Spain….


tortilla tapas + learning Spanish = fun

Siempre quisiste aprender a cocinar esa deliciosa tortilla que probaste en España? Pues esta es tu oportunidad. Nos vemos el 3 de febrero a las 11:15 en elebe….