Crash course

Small groups. These courses are made up of 3 or more participants. They are face-to-face courses of 10 hours per week in class and 10 hours of independent study.
The classes are either face-to-face, in Vienna, in the morning or afternoon, or online via the elebe platform.

You learn with a book, which is also available in digital format.
The lessons are fun and dynamic; the digital whiteboards and the small group guarantee success. In class we want to talk, play, practice what we have learnt, explain the grammar so that it is understood and, above all, interact.
At the end of the course, if you have completed the level, you will take an exam to obtain the corresponding level certificate.

If you are unemployed, ask for a quote before the course starts, sometimes the AMS (Austrian Public Employment Service) will cover up to 100% of the cost of your Spanish course.

You can also ask WAFF.


Spanish Intensive Courses in Vienna

Intensive Spanish courses in Vienna 2024

Intensive A1 – C1 Spanish courses, subsidised according to the criteria of the AMS and WAFF, for groups of three or more people.

This courses can be supported by the AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich) at 100% of the costs, so the course can be free of charge for students. Whether you are active in the labour market or looking for a job, find out about a subsidy at the WAFF….


Summer 2024 – Spanish courses in Vienna

Spanish lessons in Vienna for teenagers in summer, July and August 2024

10 hours per week – From Monday to Friday

Spanish courses in the school holidays! You learn Spanish at school, but often you get bored because of exam pressure, too much grammar or simply because you don’t have enough time in class. Motivation is important for all age groups, but especially for teenagers.
That’s why we offer youth-orientated Spanish courses in Vienna, where learning Spanish, having fun and existing go hand in hand. ¡Vamos!…