Hello! My name is Silvia and I come from Palencia (Castilla-León). Palencia is a nice and unknown city but once you visit It catches you! You can find Romanesque art everywhere and besides having a Cathedral that is known as “The beautiful unknown” we have a “ Cristo del Otero” which is the second highest in the world.

I am a early childhood educator and Pedagogue and have always worked in the education field. In 2014 I moved to Vienna with my family and decided to dedicate myself to the world of teaching Spanish. In 2016, I took the course for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language and start teaching. In september 2022 I joined the elebe team. I love teaching and I really enjoy my classes. The students never cease to surprise me eveyday! Teaching Spanish is a very rewarded job that also requires you to be constantly updated and attentive to the latest developments. In my classes I like to innovate and to give all the protagonism to my students.

Although I miss Spain I love living in Vienna!