Hello! My name is Irene and I come from the very south of Spain – Andalusia. More precisely, from the land of Salmorejo. Does it mean anything to you? Exactly! Córdoba. For me, Cordoba means flowers in May, desert in summer and a monumental city all year round. A few years ago I finished my studies in translation and interpreting at the University of Córdoba. Since then and even before, I have always been interested in teaching languages, which is why I ended up in Vienna. For 2 school years I worked as a Spanish assistant in different schools in Vienna. My experience was so wonderful that I decided to further my education in the teaching field.

Among my interests are travelling, reading, hiking and doing yoga. Does yoga have anything to do with teaching Spanish? Of course: that you are focused, having fun and unconsciously training, in this case your Spanish. I like to offer dynamic and fun classes, the learners have fun, as do I, time flies and the desire to continue learning Spanish remains.

A phrase I believe in: “Your enthusiasm as a teacher motivates the enthusiasm of your learners”.