Spanish workshops in Vienna for AHS students

Workshops for school classes to learn Spanish as a foreign language. Tapas, games or refresher workshops that all have one thing in common: it’s fun!

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    A little bit of Spain in the middle of Vienna – learn Spanish with all your senses and have fun with the elebe workshops for schools

    Learning Spanish is a long-term project that requires commitment and motivation and is much more than just learning grammar and vocabulary in a school environment. Immersion in a Spanish-speaking environment is therefore essential. For this reason, we offer Spanish workshops for youth!

    This means that the elebe workshops are specifically aimed at young people of all learning levels in Vienna and the surrounding area who are learning Spanish at school (AHS) and they all have something in common, namely that they are individually tailored to the goals and level of the group. Moreover, the workshops are of course led by elebe teachers from Spain and Latin America.  In other words, the workshops are carefully managed, because there is one teacher for every 8 students.

    Our offer of workshops in Spanish

    Workshops for refreshing Spanish skills through play –  ¡A practicar!

    Learning through play is fun

    Did you know that there are many ways to learn Spanish? You can sit at home and do grammar exercises, but you certainly won’t do that here. At elebe, you’ll play memory games to review vocabulary, do role-playing games and watch fun videos on the digital whiteboards. The goal? You can review the content you have seen so far in a fun way. Of course, we prepare the materials and the workshop 100% for the participating group.
    When would be the best time for this workshop? Anytime, but at the beginning of the course is ideal, as it is considered a refresher after the summer. Dahner, please note that we are often fully booked in September. Book as soon as possible!

    Would you like to learn Spanish regularly in a small group? Take a look at our range of courses for young people.
    rsen für Jugendliche.

    Game workshops –  ¡A jugar!

    Learning through play is fun

    Total immersion in the Spanish language: do you want to play cards or would you rather play a board game, “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” or Schrubbel in between to relax a little, or would you prefer a memory game? It’s up to you. elebe becomes a playhouse where you can go from classroom to classroom and try out different games.

    Tapas-Workshops –  ¡A preparar tapas!

    Playfully learn, cook and eat in Spanish. Who needs more?

    First, we learn vocabulary and structures related to tapas in the classroom. With the help of the digital whiteboards, we can prepare fun and individual activities that are adapted according to the level and interests of each group.

    Then we cook together simple recipes that vary according to the season, with ingredients that can be bought in Vienna.
    Finally, we eat together and the students go home with a full and happy stomach after spending three enjoyable hours speaking a lot of Spanish.

    When can you run this workshop? Any time is perfect but please note that we are often fully booked in June so it is best to book in advance!

    Prices and conditions for the Spanish workshops for young learners

    Each of these workshops takes place with a minimum of 12 participants. The price varies from €22 to €30 per person depending on the workshop and the number of people, ask for a quote!

    If a person is ultimately unable to attend the workshop, the amount for that person will be deducted, provided they give at least 48 hours notice if the workshop takes place from Tuesday to Friday, and 72 hours if the workshop takes place on Monday.



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