I am Fatima, originally from Cartagena in Murcia (Spain), a wonderful city in the southeast Mediterranean. Most students do not know that there is a Cartagena in Spain, even if it is the original, and they only know Cartagena de Indias, in Colombia. Do you know why both cities are called the same? It is due to their geographical similarity since both cities are strategic points in maritime defense, the shape of their bays makes them ideal for hosting military ports. In addition, they are also similar in their most popular beaches, Bocagrande in Colombia is an arm of land that extends into the sea, the same as La Manga del Mar Menor. Both beaches are popular vacation destinations because they are very long and have great weather! ?

Since 2013 I have been a Spanish teacher at elebe, and I adore my profession. I have always liked learning languages ​​and when it comes to teaching I love discovering aspects of my own language that I had not perceived before. Let’s say that both life and language are full of surprises. ?

My students love that we play and that we use authentic materials in our classes, I know they have a lot of fun … and so do I. I believe that languages ​​open doors to new realities and perceptions.

In addition to teaching, I love hiking, spending hours chatting over the table with family and friends, I love dancing, singing (only in the shower) and good food (if it’s from my mother, better ?). I do not like complaining, although sometimes it is inevitable, because I think it is a waste of time, I prefer to invest my energy in looking for solutions.

My favorite phrase is “a day without learning, is a wasted day” and I love to go out every day ready to live new experiences, adventures of everyday life, and learn something new. And you?