There are many ways to receive a training fund in Austria.
Firstly, there is the AMS (Public Employment Service), which in certain cases pays 100% of the costs for intensive courses for job seekers. To receive this assistance, you must first obtain a cost estimate and submit it to your employment office for approval.
If you are employed or unemployed, you can also apply for a subsidy through WAFF (in Vienna) or other funding agencies in other provinces.
elebe has the wien-cert and ö-cert quality label and is thus one of the recognised training providers in Austria.


AMS – Spanish Intensive Courses

Intensive A1 Spanish course for beginners, subsidised according to the criteria of the AMS and WAFF, for groups of three or more people.

This course can be supported by the AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich) at 100% of the costs, so the course can be free of charge for students. Whether you are active in the labour market or looking for a job, find out about a subsidy at the WAFF.



Spanish B2.2 – Modalities: online or in Vienna

Spanish Semester Course for Advanced Level B2.2 in Vienna or online

Learn to understand complex texts and expand your vocabulary. There are two groups, one with online classes and the second face-to-face in Vienna. It’ s up to you!…